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Vendor Info

Page history last edited by Guido Stein 10 years, 8 months ago

There will be two vendors at Fiber Camp, Mind's Eye Yarns and Stitch House Dorchester. This page is for the two vendors to discuss and plan with each other, and hopefully to whet the appetite of the attendees. :)


Mind's Eye Yarns

I just dyed 28 lbs of yarn to bring to Fiber Camp.  I had some fun and cooked up a few new colorways just for this event.  I'm also bringing spinning fiber, wheels, spindles, and felting needles.  For yarn, I'm going to be bringing a bunch of Noro including the sock yarns, some yarns from Queensland, Arucania and that new sock yarn Zauberball.  I'll also have Serendipity needles and a bunch of alpaca.  What I bring depends on my basket situation and the fact that I have to leave Annie something to sell while I'm gone ;-)

Hey, Stitch House crew!   I'm looking forward to meeting you too.  I keep meaning to get over there but can't ever seen to get out of Dodge. 


Stitch House Dorchester

Hey! Thrilled to met you online and to do so in person in a few days! I am bringing Madeline Tosh in worsted and sock weights, Sheep Shop in all weights, Spud & Chloe in all weights, Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy, Blue Heron Metallic, Pear Tree, Malabrigo, Cascade Magnum & Eco, Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace, Nantucket baggs, Needle Cases, and Zippy Pins....and some accessories... I hope I have enough room! If this changes I will update as I pack - - see you soon!


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