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Page history last edited by Betsy Bouche 9 years, 9 months ago

The State of Fiber in Boston, LIVE!! Podcast Recording

Panel - 60 min - by Guido Stein


It's a Purl Man, a knitting podcast about a guy from Boston  with Yarn issues, will be recording a live show at FiberCamp. The show will include some interviews and perhaps a panel about the state of knitting in the Boston area. Panelists will be announced as the event approaches.




  • Guido
    • President of The Common Cod Fiber Guild
  • Pam
    • Member of the South End Knitting group


Discussion topics:


  • Does it matter that you are into fiber crafts in Boston versus other places?
  • What is your community like?
    • What projects are people working on
    • What crafts are people into
    • What charities are people into 
  • Are groups getting stronger, weaker, always changing or the same?




Please enter your name below if you would like to attend:

Betsy Bouche - love the podcast, sounds like an interesting session 







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