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How to add a session

Page history last edited by Alasdair Post-Quinn 9 years, 7 months ago

1) Log in and hit the "Edit" tab above.

2) Add a session title (in Heading 3 -- under the pull-down menu above that currently says "Normal"). Underneath, in bold, add the type (Hands On/Panel/Presentation/Demo/etc), duration (30 or 60 mins), and your name as the presenter.

3) Highlight the session title and click "Insert a link to a new page" under Page Tools in the right-hand sidebar.

4) Give your new page a name -- it should stard with 2011_session_ and probably include the title or part of the title of the session.

5) Save the page (the button is in the lower left corner)


Now, click on the link you just made. It will take you to a dialog for creating the new page. Keep the default name for the page, and make sure you put it in the "sessions" folder. It should give you a new page to edit -- add your session info and save it!

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