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Page history last edited by Alasdair Post-Quinn 9 years, 10 months ago


Knitting on Two Circular Needles


In this short workshop, I'll teach you how to scrap your pile of DPNs in favor of -- wait for it -- a tool you probably already have! Magic Loop is great, but Addi Turbos are expensive and if you don't like metal needles, what else is there? I'll teach you how to knit a tubular object of any diameter using two circular needles of any size! OK, so you can't make a sweater on a pair of 16" circulars, but you get the idea. This is mostly for small tubes, but I'll also show you some really unusual applications of the technique.


Bring: yourself, a notepad, and, if you like, a small tubular knitting project in progress and a pair of circulars in the same size as the needles you're currently using.


Wants to attend:

Comments (3)

Rachel said

at 8:18 am on Feb 7, 2011

I'm interested!

Beth Katcher said

at 12:23 pm on Feb 8, 2011

Please count me in!

Diane Tetreault said

at 2:11 pm on Mar 5, 2011

Looks great! Hope to attend

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