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Page history last edited by Beth Katcher 9 years, 6 months ago


A Technique Comparison Workshop

Hands On - 45 min - with Beth Katcher


     If you are as disorganized as I, then you have learned lots of techniques and never remember when to use which. For example, I can never remember which cast-off most closely resembles which cast-on, or whether the long-tail cast-on really is that much nicer looking than the easier knit cast-on? Was the Lithuanian Twist cast-on stretchier than the Cable cast-on? Or was Jeni's Super-Stretchy cast-off really twice as stretchy as anything else I could think of?
     Similar questions can be asked about right-leaning and left-leaning increases and decreases. There are so many subtle variations. Which work best for you? Which are most invisible or least holey?
     The purpose of this workshop is not to teach the techniques as much as to throw out some ideas for techniques worth learning and then to create two swatches that you can keep in your knitting toolbox, that will demonstrate a variety of these techniques.  Please feel free to come with your favorite techniques to share with the class.
     You'll need some yarn and double-pointed needles (or circulars if you are a magic looper or 2-circ-er) of an appropriate size for your yarn. Stitch markers are also strongly recommended.


Please comment below if you are interested in attending this session. My plan is to teach one class at FiberCamp. It will either be this one of a class on reading and creating charts. So I'm going to count comments and decide based on participant interest.

Comments (3)

Betsy Bouche said

at 5:29 pm on Mar 6, 2011

I'm interested in this if you're still considering doing the session. - Betsy Bouche

Rachel said

at 11:16 am on Mar 7, 2011

I'm interested in this one as well

knitolution said

at 9:59 am on Mar 9, 2011

I'm interested too!

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