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After going commando with Guido, you may very well want to ply your singles. I would be pleased to help with that.


On Sunday, I will demonstrate plying two singles using plying balls. This technique can be used to create a yarn with any number of plies. I will also demonstrate chain plying, which creates a three-ply yarn with distinct color phrasing and somewhat different texture. 


If you would like to ply your singles, bring them! Also bring balls suitable for winding singles around. Felted balls the size of walnuts or plums work beautifully, but anything roughly spherical that has some grip to it will work. For example, ping pong balls are too smooth, but small balls of yarn would be just fine.You will also need an empty spindle.


I will bring some knitting made from my spindle-spun yarn, along with some ideas of what to do with oddments of handspun.


Track me down on Saturday (in the spinning class, for example), and I may be able to make some felted plying balls for you on Saturday night.


As with the other classes, please comment if you would like to attend!

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