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Page history last edited by Alasdair Post-Quinn 11 years, 5 months ago


FiberCamp Logo

FiberCamp Boston 2013


January 12-13

Building E51 on MIT campus

Cambridge, MA

(near Kendall T-Stop)

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FiberCamp Boston 2013 is a community-created conference for fiber and fabric craft enthusiasts.


Fiber camp sprouts from the idea that everyone has something to share and teach. Connect with your community by sharing your passion and learning from your peers.


Participants can come simply to learn, or present, teach, and share smaller, bite-sized ideas and techniques ranging from beginning Fair Isle knitting to photography to making a duct tape mannequin. Some presentations might be demonstration-only or completely PowerPoint-based, and some will be hands-on. Because this conference is powered by the people who attend it, you have a voice in the conversation.


Want to see a demonstration about how to start quilting? Ask for it on the requests page. Want to share your tips and techniques for recycling yarn from a sweater you picked up at a thrift store? Post it on the enablers page!


FiberCamp Boston is not just about fiber and fabric crafting! If you're interested in Ravelry, blogging, social media, social networking, podcasting, photography, Etsy, or are just someone curious about learning about fiber activties, then please join us—and bring a friend or colleague. 


Sessions: Requests

Use this page to add your session ideas and requests, let people know what you'd like to learn. Check here to see if someone's listed something you might like to teach!


Sessions: Facilitators

Use this page to post sessions you're planning on running. If you want to take a session, add 1 to the running tally at the end of each session so teachers can get an idea of how many people might be attending their session.


Schedule and Rooms

Use this page to collaboratively plan the timing and location of sessions. Please don't place or move a session unless you're the one running it!





We need help at the registration desk! Sign up here.


Ravelry Forum

Use the Ravelry forum to communicate with the group


Community Guidelines


Ask a Question and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Join the FiberCamp announcement list



Want to vend? We make it easy! Come in here and let us know you'll be coming and what you're bringing!



Sponsors will be listed on the main page by the organizers as they appear, and also in this dedicated page. If you've sponsored us, Thank You!


To do list


Creative Commons License

This event/work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License


Comments (5)

Rachel said

at 6:46 pm on Jan 13, 2013

Hello! We think Katie left her embroidered dishcloth at MIT where everyone was meeting Sunday after the last session. It was a tan dishcloth with green and two orange embroidered flowers on it. If anyone happened to pick it up, could you e-mail us at caitirin (at) gmail.com? We're happy to reimburse shipping! :)

Karen Gareis said

at 7:51 pm on Jan 13, 2013

Hi, Rachel; we saw the embroidered dishcloth and knew it was Katie's! Alasdair has it and will be in touch.

Rachel said

at 11:26 am on Jan 14, 2013

Thank you thank you thank you! We were so sad to find it missing last night. Got email from Alasdair this morning. Many thanks again :)

Karen Gareis said

at 8:52 pm on Jan 13, 2013

D'oh! Speaking of lost & found, I just realized I left my iPod somewhere today, most likely at FiberCamp. It's the industrial-sized version in black, and it's in a grey felt owl case. I'm really attached to that owl, and I need the iPod for therapeutic insulation from my fellow T commuters. Please, please, please tell me a kindly FiberCamper picked it up!

Karen Gareis said

at 3:24 pm on Jan 14, 2013

WHOO HOO! Just called the bakery where Alanna and I picked up pastries, and they have the iPod. Little do they know it, but my fellow commuters have had a VERY LUCKY ESCAPE.

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