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Venue RFP

Page history last edited by Guido Stein 11 years, 2 months ago

I've uploaded a first draft of the Venue RFP. Next steps are to include a bit about our background, purpose, and request for a full quote.



Took and pulled out the content of the PDF to go here:








Conference Space

4 to 6 rooms/spaces

·         One room capable of holding 150-200 people in theater-style seating for welcome, keynote, and closing presentations

·         3-5 workshop rooms, capable of holding 20 to 30 people each with classroom or round-table seating










Congregation space

·         Must be capable of holding all attendees

·         Preferably has “atmosphere”, as well as accommodating lounge space for knitting

·         Are outside vendors allowed for refreshments?

·         Are tables/chairs/couches included, provided at additional cost, supplied through preferred vendor (are we “vendor locked”?), or to be sourced by us?






Vendor space

·         Outside vendors from the fiber world must be allowed to sell their wares

·         Space for 20 booths/tables

·         Will tables be provided by you, provided at additional cost, supplied through preferred vendor, or to be sourced by us?

·         Do you have any insurance requirements or restrictions for external vendors to sell to attendees?






Sponsor space

·         Is space available (such as hallways) where event sponsors can be highlighted?






A/V Equipment

·         Larger rooms to be equipped with video camera, projector, and screen to facilitate demonstration

·         Computer projector and screen available for digital presentations

·         Is equipment included, provided at additional cost, supplied through preferred vendor, or to be sourced by us?







·         Are tables and chairs included, provided at additional cost, supplied through a preferred vendor, or to be sourced by us?






Internet Access

·         Is WiFi available?

·         If so, is it included or provided at additional cost?






·         We are expecting 150-200 attendees – is parking provided at or near your facility? Is parking free? If parking is not free, are we able to validate/pay for parking on behalf of attendees?

·         If parking is not provided, please list closest parking locations so that we may contact them independently.






Public Transport

·         Is there a T stop within walking distance (5 blocks)? If so, which line and station?

·         Is there a MBTA bus stop within walking distance? If so, which bus routes?






Comments (1)

Christopher Haddad said

at 9:47 pm on Feb 19, 2009

The body of the RFP is up here for the world to see without downloading a PDF. I'd love to start getting some feedback going to see if there's anything that's been missed, priorities that need to be shifted, etc.

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