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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an un-conference

An un-conference is an informal conference where the attendees contribute to the creation of content and format of the event, becoming participants with the community instead of just attendees of an event. The first un-conference,  BarCamp, was held in 2005.


At FiberCamp Boston, we encourage participants to both request and sign up to enable programming slots before the event. Participants contribute ideas for what they want to learn, share what they're willing to teach, and sign up to volunteer. Enablers can share a simple trick, a full-scale lecture about something they are passionate about, a hands-on demonstration of a particular technique, and so on. For example, how do you spin strange yarns? Publicize your Etsy shop? Felt to cotton? Steek? What are some basic color theory principles to help choose color schemes for a quilt or other fiber-y project? Math for knitters, quilters, crocheters, spinners, other fiber crafters? Design tips? Writing patterns? Using power tools to enhance your spinning? Growing and harvesting quiviut? Textiles from all over the world? ~(updated) KG


ANYTHING!  FiberCamp happens because of you!


While loosely structured, there are rules at an un-conference. All attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session. However, this can be intimidating for some people, so it's not required. Everyone is also asked to share information and experiences of the event, both live and after the fact, via public web channels including (but not limited to) blogging, photo sharing, social bookmarking, twittering, wiki-ing. This open encouragement to share everything about the event is in deliberate contrast to the "off the record by default" and "no recordings" rules at many private, invite-only, participant-driven conferences. ~GS


What is the Common Cod Fiber Guild?

The Common Cod Fiber Guild is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that seeks to create a fun and supportive environment for learning and participating in fiber activities.  Meetings occur bimonthly on the second Friday of odd numbered months.  We will always do our best to incorporate and support our local yarn shops, producers, dyers, and artisans. They are an integral part of our fiber community. ~GS


 How do I ask a question here?

You can ask questions by posting a response to this page below. Answers may be given by anyone who is part of the FiberCamp Community by editing this page. Please initial your answers with a tilde(~) ~GS


~AN: Alanna Nelson

~GS: Guido Stein

~KG: Karen Gareis

Comments (2)

Katy said

at 3:14 pm on Jan 8, 2013

I just volunteered for Friday and realized I was just assuming that was for the Ignite event. Is that a safe assumption (i.e. I should report for "duty" at the Stata Center)? ~KL

Karen Gareis said

at 6:19 pm on Jan 8, 2013

Hi, Katy; thanks for volunteering! Yes, your assumption is safe -- we will see you at the Stata Center at 6PM for the Ignite event!


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