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Page history last edited by Rachel 10 years, 7 months ago

This will be a hands on class.


Materials Needed: some worsted weight yarn (less than a skein in whatever colors you like), a handful of poly-fil (or whatever stuffing material you like best), an F or G crochet hook, a yarn sewing needle, some embroidery floss for embroidering faces, stitch markers usable for crochet (the locking kind), Scissors.


Optional: felt for sewing on in place of embroidering your face. 


Skills Needed: Ideally you should know how to chain and to single crochet.  That's all you need to know.  I can teach these skills if the class is somewhat small.


I will bring in copies of a free pattern for everyone to learn on.  I will also bring a couple of my favorite amigurumi pattern books for people to look through to get an idea of what is out there and bring in a handful of sample amigurumi to give an idea as to the different kinds of things you can do with ami.  I'll also bring some extra poly fil with me in case we need more.  But please do bring a skein of yarn.  Any kind works for amigurumi.  I would only avoid the novelty yarns.  Inexpensive brands of acrylic are very common in amigurumi, but nice wools and blends work just as well and can be nicer on your hands.


Please comment if you're interested in attending so I can get an idea of how many people are interested.


Handout used in class - http://fibercampboston.pbworks.com/f/amigurumi%20handouts2003.doc

Comments (7)

Guido Stein said

at 6:50 am on Dec 18, 2009

I am so there... I can't wait...

Tanya said

at 7:11 am on Dec 18, 2009

I'll come and help if you like.

Rachel said

at 7:30 am on Dec 18, 2009

That would rock, Tanya!

Beckie said

at 7:57 pm on Jan 3, 2010

This class sounds great.

sheila.denn@gmail.com said

at 3:08 pm on Jan 4, 2010

I would be interested in this one --

Amy Blake-Baldwin said

at 6:10 am on Jan 6, 2010

this sounds great! i've done cute critters via knitting, but it feels like crochet lends itself to this ... cool!

Alanna said

at 6:11 am on Jan 7, 2010

Count me in!

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